Day To Day

Nothing blogworthy has been going on, just day to day stuff. But since there are a few people out there who want to hear it, I’ll write.

We had a busy weekend of running around getting stuff done. I feel like I’m ready to tackle Christmas, now that I’m armed with Peet’s Holiday Breakfast Blend tea & coffee. We put together a budget for Christmas gifts, we finally decided what we were going to buy each other, and what Santa is bringing Elijah. The Christmas cards are half addressed, the letter is ready to take to Kinkos. Oh yeah, and the weather is so nice here (today it’s 77 F, that’s 25 C).

Yesterday I had a good day where I didn’t feel as big as a house. I felt normal. Maybe it’s because I’m going to start my aquasize class PDQ. It’s put me in a more positive frame of mind. Amy & I tried to track down a book, and believe it or not, NO bookstore in Aurora or Denver had it in stock! It’s called 21 Days To A Great Marriage. Our small group is going to study it. But we couldn’t find a copy for Amy anywhere.

Elijah has been doing great, he just talks and talks all day. Geoff is excited about partaking in a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning at Washington Park. Just 4 miles, but he’ll be able to be timed. I’m trying to decide whether I want to volunteer to help out, or just go watch and take pictures.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we got our annual invite to Curt & Jan’s for turkey. Always a good time, and excellent food.

I know I usually close with a movie or tv quote, but this made me laugh out loud yesterday. A quote from my friend Erik, upon hearing that Elijah is a southpaw:

Can’t wait to give a high five to your gifted lefty (he’ll have such a high quality of life being among us greats!)

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