Day 4

Good Day, and welcome to Day 4.

Sigh. Argh! Sigh.

Well, like idiots, idiots who need groceries, we ventured out to Safeway this morning. True we had enough food to get us through a few more days, we were getting low on milk for Geoff and diapers. We figured the best bet was to go early, while the roads are cold and not slushy. Took some to get into the rut on the front street. Took a lot to get onto the main street in our neighborhood (it’s uphill). Once we hit the main main road that leads to Safeway, there were portions of it that were only one lane. We headed first to the gas station, which was out of all the cheap gas, so we had to get premium. Then we faced a very yucky parking lot (Safeway is going to hear about that!). Geoff said it wouldn’t be so bad if they sanded. There were delivery trucks blocking entrances/exits, so you have to navigate to find your way.

Once inside, I worried about what we’d find. Talking with my friend Kirstin (who is due exactly a month before me), she said yesterday her grocery store was out of milk. Safeway was pretty well stocked, they had a lot of milk. It was busy, but not so bad. We got everything we needed, plus some stuff I figured the boys would need once I go away next weekend. We checked out and Geoff found out from the clerk, they just got their shipment of milk last night. Once we left the store, we faced the drama of trying to get home. The only exit that doesn’t have a hill was blocked by a stuck Budweiser truck. We tried one exit, and it wasn’t going anywhere. We tried a second exit, and couldn’t get the car up that hill (the driver in front of us didn’t help that situation). So we drove back around to get to the first exit we tried. We got half way up, then we couldn’t move. Geoff jumped out to push and I tried to gun it. The driver behind us got out of his truck and helped to push. We eventually got up to the top, and Geoff kept pushing until I almost got onto the road and then jumped in. We drove to the light to do a U-turn, switched spots, and drove home.

The drive home seemed like it would be okay. We worried a little turning into our front street, and we bottomed out good (hope there is no real damage). Now we had to hope we could turn into the small path Geoff shoveled to get on the driveway.

Obviously we’re home, and we’re not going to church tomorrow.

I called the HOA, looking for answers. I left a firm message saying, look it’s in the bylaws you are responsible for the sidewalks leading to the main road, and if our street is never going to see a sand truck or plow, you better provide a means to get to the bus stop. Not even ten minutes later, I got a call back. No, our street probably won’t get plowed. It’s on the bottom of the priority list with the county. But the sidewalk is supposed to get done today by the company they hired. So come Tuesday, when Geoff has to go tend to his magnet, he should be able to take the bus. Now we have to hope things improve ten fold by Thursday for my flight.

Oh yeah, we still haven’t gotten any mail, despite the fact that the postal workers went back to work yesterday. I seriously wonder if we’ll see any today. They are supposed to deliver on Christmas Day to make up for it all. I do not envy them.

Yes, we’re stuck here. Yes, we’re frustrated. But let’s focus on the positive. We have each other, we have a warm home, we have food, and we have power. Things could be A LOT worse. We could be one of the thousands of people stuck at DIA who won’t get to be with loved ones for Christmas.

My loved ones

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