I went out and bought some supplies to make a Christmas craft. I probably should consider finishing one project before starting another, but that’s never been my style. The stocking is well on it’s way, and this craft I have in mind shouldn’t take too much. (insert laughter here) I also hope to bake some cookies this week. If they turn out, I’ll take a picture for you.

We took Elijah to see Santa yesterday. I posted their picture together on his blog.

Scrubs is coming back to tv on January 3! And we’ll get two new episodes. Whoo-hoo! The only problem I foresee is it may end up airing the same time as House, which means I’ll be using the VCR for the first time since we moved.

I would like to get out to the theatre to see a movie, but I’m not holding my breath on that happening anytime soon. It just seems like a lot of trouble to get a sitter and go out. We didn’t go out to movies often before Elijah, but the things we did do, were much more convenient by being so close to Cherry Creek. Aw, the downside of living in the ‘burbs.

Last night we watched Surviving Christmas (’cause I think Affleck is the bomb yo!), and it was alright. Geoff said he liked the parts that didn’t suck. 🙂 It was very similar to Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star. But then Hollywood doesn’t really do original, doesn’t it? In any case, I liked both movies (but Dickie Roberts is better).

I was going to post about this a while ago, but then forgot, and then my friend Ashley did: I’m really disappointed that Nick & Jessica broke up. I had hoped they would have stuck it out. I feel there are only a few things that can’t be fixed in a marriage, and I doubt those issues were present. Marriage is hard enough, but then to add prying eyes and world-wide gossip, it must make it that much harder.

I’ll close with a quote from Surviving Christmas.

Drew Latham: Folks, my firm’s done a tremendous amount of marketing research and we’ve discovered two critical things, one; most Americans feel that Christmas is a time for family. Two; most Americans feel that in order to stand being around their family, for even one or two days, they need to swill as much alcohol as humanly possible.

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