Tick Tock.

We’re so excited about the trip to CA. Things are falling into place. In case you somehow missed the email, party at Casa Krolik on the 10th! I’m sad about not getting to meet Brody (Amy’s fiance), but I’m working on getting them to take a road trip out here. Otherwise, I probably won’t meet him until the wedding next year.

We got up early to drive up to Boulder to see our friend Kelly & KC run in the Bolder Boulder. Geoff hopes to run in it next year. It was a beautiful day, but the early start is making me drag. I thought I might fall asleep on the drive back to Denver. Geoff had some work to do this afternoon, but I can promise we’ll all probably go to bed early tonight.

I had a hard time finding info on when the Stanley Cup finals might be, and it looks like game one will be on Monday. I hope we can catch the games at Cindy’s. Hard to say how many games we’ll catch.

I read a mystery book, Indemnity Only (Sara Paretsky), and it was a nice change of pace for me (I don’t usually read mysteries). I’m currently tackling The Divine Comedy (Dante Alighieri). Also, when I’m trying to fall asleep, my mind is forming ideas about a short story I want to write. I really should write those thoughts out before they escape me forever.

I’ve been watching Newsradio season three (really makes you miss Phil Hartman), so I’ll close with a quote from that.

Bill: Dave, there comes a time in every friendship when you have to say, “I never liked you, get lost.”

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