Christmas Fever

I married a man who has an ornament that say “Official Believer In Santa”.

The man’s blood runs red & green. He loves Christmas. And this has naturally carried over to our two boys.

Everyday, the boys ask if it’s Christmas yet. They count the days on the advent calendar at least twice a day, to be sure that they haven’t missed something. They ooh and ahh at holiday lights.

We have not yet visited The Man In The Red Suit, but Elijah and Miles have told us what they were thinking of asking him for. Miles would like Presents, and Elijah, “whatever Santa brings me”.

The anticipation is building, and will likely crescendo when Nana & Grampy arrive on the 20th. We have told the boys, this will signal Christmas is even closer.

Add to that, we’ll be getting another Christmas fanatic (Grampy).

It’s gonna be a loud Christmas!

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