Caribou You

Jayla drove me to Mom To Mom this morning, and we left early enough for us to go to Caribou Coffee and treat ourselves. It’s a cute little coffee house, just down the road from us. Jayla & Dave love it, and Geoff and I have been meaning to go, since Peet’s is so far away now. I had a turtle mocha, here’s the pic:


Today I ordered some camping books from AAA, as it is my plan for us to go camping this summer. I hope to find a campground as nice as the ones in CA, but it’s been hard. Hopefully once the books come, I can nail down some prices and possible sites. A few of our friends here are keen, which is great as camping is more fun with more people. Especially if they share your interests (right Cate?).

Tonight Geoff has his men’s group, so I’m making stir fry for myself.

Talked to Colin on Monday and got all caught up. Everyone there is good. He thinks he may be getting a promotion in the next few months. Snoop is doing well, and Colin has realized they need to think about getting hardwood floors or something all throughout the bottom floor. Yep, puppies will wreck havoc on your house. 🙂

I’ll close with a quote from The Fisher King.

Jack Lucas: It’s important to think. It’s what separates us from lentils.

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