California Recap

The happy couple Becky & Erik

I had a wonderful trip to CA. Short and sweet. Got in okay, and we headed right to In-N-Out. For dinner that night, Ashley, Chris, Lexi, Alyssa, Alec, Abbie and I went to Cafe Chin Chin. I tried the Kung Pao Chicken and water chestnuts (both for the first time). Very tasty.

Friday I spent helping get stuff ready for the wedding, then had some time to change and get ready before I was back at the church doing last minute things. The ceremony was lovely, and then I tried to help the guests find their seating for the reception. The food was delicious. They had a chocolate fountain with your choice of oreos, marshmellows, or rice krispie squares. Excellent choices! There was also fruit and a Martinelli’s fountain. And, what I thought was even cooler, was the coffee bar. There was always a line there. Their DJ was amazing, I hope Amy & Brody can get him. The dance was a lot of fun, and I sure was pooped by the end of the night. I was happy that I could take advantage of the money dance and get one on one time with Erik.

Saturday I took Cindy, Alyssa, Alec, & Abbie to McDonald’s for breakfast on our way to help take down the wedding. What we thought would only take an hour or so, turned out to be more. Eventually we finished, and Cindy and I went out to lunch at Mustard’s (the yummy Panini place). I had a salad, because I needed to get something healthy to eat. 🙂 We returned to the house and I was surprised to see some of my friends at my baby shower! I got some wonderful gifts, including a handmade quilt from Godmother Cate and a double stroller from the Kroliks!

Saturday night we just hung around the house mostly. I did take a trip to Trader Joes (oh how I miss TJ’s) to get Geoff a treat and a little something for my father-in-law’s birthday.

Sunday I went to church with Cate & Kaisara, then we took a trip to the new Peet’s store that opened up. It was lovely to be able to sit outside and drink coffee. We met Jen at In-N-Out for lunch, and then more time outside playing crib. The trip to the airport went smoothly. My flight ended up being delayed by 45 minutes, but I had no problems making my connection. I was so happy once I got to Denver, only to be upset when I found out my shuttle I booked wasn’t going to take me home. I called Geoff, and he & Elijah came and got me. No worries, the roads were in fine shape. I am taking partial credit for that. Geoff thinks the call I made to the county about our street was the reason it got plowed. Lesson to learn…don’t upset a pregnant lady.

So that was my trip. I sure miss everyone, and I am looking forward to Lexi’s visit. Please pray it all comes together and she can get here in 2 weeks.

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