Cake Day on Atlas Quest

Those words probably don’t mean anything to you, but to me, it means I am celebrating my one year anniversary of letterboxing.

What began as a fun activity, turned into a passionate hobby. Now for the backstory:

Letterboxing began in the 1800s in England, where the boxes were few and far between. It started when a man left a bottle (later it became a box) in the middle of nowhere, with a postcard. The next person to pass by was to pick up any mail left in there and mail it.
It has been gaining steam since the late 1990s here in the U.S., with thousands of boxes planted. Now, letterboxers carry with them a signature stamp, and leave its image in a logbook found in the box. Also inside the box is a (usually) hand carved stamp, which you ink and imprint in your own logbook.

Here is my signature stamp.

My Signature Stamp

It is not hand carved, I bought it at a store. But the boxes I have hidden contain stamps I carved.

Being immersed in this “hobby” there’s lingo to know, there are guidelines, and there are a lot of other fanatics. But I love it. The kids enjoy it a little too. It has allowed us to explore new parks, and see places we probably never would have before. I’m lucky enough to have my family indulge me, whether it is hiking in a rainforest, or climbing a mountain.

If I have intrigued you, please feel free to visit Atlas Quest or LBNA. And of course, I’m happy to talk to you about it.

Happy Trails!

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