We went up to Boulder on Friday, and while I would never want to live there, there is a certain quaintness to the town. I love how green it is, parks everywhere, and you can get anywhere by bike or by foot. The shops on Pearl street were not quite what I thought they’d be, but we only touched so little of it. I did find a Christmas gift for someone in the family, so I’ll have to go back at some point.

The campus buildings are pretty cool. They aren’t labeled very well, so a map (or guide) is necessary. This is the Chemistry building, where Geoff will have his Boulder office. He’ll be there maybe a few times a month.

There was a neat fountain outside the building in a courtyard, which I could see was a popular place for people to eat their lunches. There were kids playing in them too. I think the building across from Chemistry was a food hub, and it also housed the bookstore.

That’s about all I have to say about that. To read Geoff’s take on it, visit his blog. I’m anxious for us to get up to Estes Park, it’s not too far off from Boulder. Since we’ll be in Colorado for many years, we’ve got plenty of time to explore the state.

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