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Tonight is packed with stuff to see on tv. Scrubs season finale (yes NBC did pick it up for another season), House (will Cuddy find someone to father a child for her? House?) and Oilers vs. Sharks (if Oil wins, they advance, if they lose it goes to game 7). This is why they invented picture and picture. But we don’t have that. Nor do we have a DVR. 🙁
***updated note, my mom emailed to tell me that the hockey game isn’t on tonight, rather it is on tomorrow. And it’s an early game. Yay!

I’ve got two play dates scheduled this week. Tomorrow with Amy & Caley, and Friday with Myrna and the twins. Myrna is nice enough to babysit Elijah while I go to the dentist (teeth cleaning only I hope), then we’ll hang out. Apparently there is a long weekend, but all the days are the same to me. So don’t bother asking if I have plans. 🙂 At best, we may go for a family picnic, since we’re swimming in great weather.

I had to resign myself to the fact that Disneyland isn’t a reasonable activity for our vacation. My heart wants to go, but it’s too much to expect of Elijah to be in his stroller all day. It’s not like we won’t ever go again. Please, our friends and Krolik family are there. We’ll have plenty of trips to CA. It’ll wait until he’s older.

So I’m counting down to the trip, and to my nephew’s due date. I can hardly wait to see the first picture of Ryan. I’m still holding my breath waiting to see if a trip to AB will be possible. Thank goodness I got Athena & Lisa trying to make things easier for me. In my dream world, I have enough money to go there and to D.C. this summer. In my dreams. 🙂

We watched Psycho (the original) on Saturday night. Neither of us had ever seen it, and though I did know the secret, I didn’t know how the movie would end. I guess I’ll end with a quote from it.

Norman Bates: She just goes a little mad sometimes. We all go a little mad sometimes. Haven’t you?
Marion Crane: Yes. Sometimes just one time can be enough.

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