Better Or Worse

Nope, I’m not better. I didn’t get a good night sleep as needed, neither did Elijah. Apparently neither did Geoff. I went to the store to stock up on more Kleenex. I’m trying to take it easy. I was able to nap for about an hour, that was after an hour of lying in bed listening to all the neighborhood dogs barking and Elijah talking to himself in his crib. Right before I woke up, I was having a crazy dream. I was talking to Athena on the phone, and there were giant lobsters crawling all over my front yard. The door swung open and shut, I was afraid Elijah had crawled out the door into the fray with the lobsters. I was yelling where the heck is Geoff?! I woke up because Elijah was crying, and while I was getting up to get him a bottle, Geoff phoned. I think this cold is making me delusional.

Well, I’m happy to say I’ll be doing my first garage sale in 2 weeks. The HOA is advertising sales for everyone in the neighborhood who wants to partake. So all I have to do is set up on my driveway. Yay! Now I just need to get organized with what I want to sell.

Celebrity Poker Showdown is coming back! May 31st we’ll get some new celebrities, some familiar ones, one old co-host, and one new co-host. What? Yes, Phil Gordon left CPS. His replacement is Phil Hellmuth, another poker legend. Why the change in Phils? Gordon sites that he just wants to do something new and different. I’m sure the show will be fine w/o him, I just really enjoyed the banter between him and Dave. Here’s a list of the guests you’ll see in this tournament.

Game 1 – Jorge Garcia, Andrea Martin, Kim Coles, Greg Behrendt, and Michael Ian Black.
Game 2 – Jason Alexander, Kevin Sorbo, Bryan Cranston, Susie Essman, and Jamie Bamber.
Game 3 – Fred Savage, Jennifer Tilly, Doug E. Doug, Brett Butler, and Ida Siconolfi.
Game 4 – Jenna Fischer, Keegan-Michael Key, Rocco DiSpirito, Jordan Peele, and Mario Cantone.
Game 5 – Andy Dick, Macy Gray, Christopher Meloni, Joy Behar, and Robin Tunney.

In other Bravo news, the final three on Top Chef… Harold, Dave and Tiffani. Couldn’t believe Lee Anne didn’t make it. I think it wasn’t so much her dish, but a cumulative of the last two challenges. It was her menu for the commitment ceremony, and she was in charge of Miguel & Stephen for the spanish restaurant. The finale is in two weeks, next week they’ll do a reunion show with all the chefs. I may not tune in the night it airs, but I’ll likely catch the rerun.

Anyways, I better sign off. I have to go convince Elijah he needs to sleep. Pray for me. 🙂 I’ll close with a quote from A Mighty Wind.

Lars Olfen: I had a garage band in Stockholm, which was a challenge in its own right, to keep an instrument tuned with that temperature swing. There’s a block warmer for the Volvo in the garage but it’s cold in there in the winter. So we played and I had a hit that you might have heard of. “Hur Är Läget, Lilla Gumman?” which means, “How’s It Hanging, Grandma?” and it was big on the Swedish charts.

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