Better Now

The cold wasn’t so bad, it didn’t last too long. It kept me indoors until Tuesday, when I finally felt well enough to go for a walk up to Safeway. The two signs of feeling better:
-being able to do the walk to Safeway (about 4 miles round trip) and
-being able to sing

I love VH1 Classic. This week I saw a video (Hands To Heaven) from one of my favorite cheesy ballady bands, Breathe. Sigh, I love me a good cheesy ballad!

I got together with my friend Amy twice this week. She was in my Mom To Mom group. She wants to get together again next week. She has a daughter who is almost 4 months old. It’s so much fun to hang with someone whose kid is younger than Elijah.

Even with the cold gone, I’m still having strange dreams. I’ll spare you the oddness (well I didn’t spare Lisa, ’cause that’s what best friends are for). My subconscious really needs to take a break from the past, and from tv. 🙂

I made cupcakes tonight while Geoff was away at his men’s group. I’ve had a bad craving for chocolate!

No big plans for the weekend. Geoff has to do a lot of running. BTW, Geoff posted info on the pictures from the Cherry Creek Sneak. So check out his blog.

I got 3rd Rock From The Sun, Season One on DVD from the library, and I’m plowing through it. It’s such a funny show. I’ll close with a quote from it.

Mary Albright: I think you look distinguished with gray hair.
Dick Solomon: Thank you. I think you would look distinguished with gray hair, too.
Mary Albright: No. When men get gray hair, they look distinguished. When women get gray hair, they look old.
Dick Solomon: When women get breasts, they look sexy. When men get breasts, they look old.
Mary Albright: Good point!

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