Best Job

I’ve held about eight jobs in my life, but I think my favorite job was working at Hallmark.

I held my position there for about year before we moved away to California. I really enjoyed the people there, and I enjoyed helping people find good cards for people they loved.

The pay was above average, and I hardly ever dreaded going to work. I often think if I ever went back into retail, Hallmark would be one of my top five picks.

My initial boss, Linda, was likely the reason I was so happy there. She recruited me from another job I had, appreciated my skills and was one of the nicest ladies I ever knew. You wouldn’t have known that she had lupus, or that when she left her long shifts at Hallmark, she went home to take care of her sick husband. I also made good friends with a girl there name Melanie, who was married the day before Geoff and I. And when her marriage was hitting a rough spot, I was happy I could be her shoulder to cry on.

I’ve had crappy jobs, crappy bosses too, but Hallmark was always a highlight for me.

Me, working at Hallmark. Apologies for my coworker’s bad spelling.

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