Best Cat

My cat, Honey, is seriously the best cat I know.

She’s low maintenance. She only meows at her meal time. She almost always coughs up her hairballs on the kitchen floor, not the carpet. She lets us clip her nails, and has only tried to scratch the furniture once.

She gives kisses (when she feels like it), and she tolerates the boys tormenting her.

When people spend anytime with her, they are swayed to get cats of their own.

We adopted her at age 4 from the Irvine Animal Center. She was the only cat to come to me when I called. All the other cats were snobby. She was a 3rd try cat, meaning if we hadn’t adopted her, she would have never found a home. We never changed her name, because Honey suited her.

Honey is now 13 (I think) and while not as playful as she used to be, she’s a very sweet cat.

Honey Cat, asking for her breakfast

2 thoughts on “Best Cat

  1. I love Honey Cat! She is a great girl. I didn't know she had only once tried to scratch your furniture — that's amazing. Wimsey scratches ME and wrecked my air mattress. I'm trying to decide what to do when I get new furniture.

    My favorite thing about Honey Cat is how, when I stayed at your place, she came and slept in bed with me. So comforting.

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