Back To Normal?

There wasn’t much disruption of my normal routine with Diane here. We did some stuff that I don’t usually do, like go to the Aurora Mall. It used to be a kind of scuzzy mall, but they’ve revamped it, and it much nicer now. But in general we kind of just hung out. We also did a short trip up to Boulder. Next time I want to go to Boulder Falls. As it was, we just walked up to Pearl Street.

This week is crazy busy. Wednesday I have a dentist appointment (getting my teeth cleaned), and Wednesday night we are having Jason, Nicole & Trista over for ribs. A thank you to Jason for helping us move. Thursday, Geoff goes for his teeth cleaning, I have Mom To Mom, and then Thursday night I have my CPR class while Geoff has his Building Brothers group at our house. Saturday is the house warming party (come on by!), and Sunday we greet at church. A little more action than usual.

I’ll close with a quote from True Lies.

Gib: I’m beginning to like this guy.
[Harry gives him a mean look]
Gib: Oh, we’ve still gotta kill him. That’s a given.

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