Armstrong Camping Trip

Sunday afternoon we left to go camping at Golden Gate Canyon State Park, about a 75 minute drive from our place. Once we left our neighborhood, it started to rain, and continued off and on until we reached our campsite (J-91). The rain fell until we had the tarp and tent set up, then let off for a spell. This was not only our first camping trip with the kids, but our first alone. We’ve always camped with others, be it Geoff’s parents, or friends from CA (shout out to Eseras & Pursleys…we missed you!) We’ve spent the last few years collecting camp gear in preparation for this trip. We had nearly everything we could need by the time we left, and after the first day, I was wishing I had packed more clothes! It rained off and on the whole trip, but we managed just fine.

We ate a lot of yummy food, and the boys spent a lot of time exploring the campsite and forest around us. They got dirty, they fell down a lot, they played with sticks and rocks. Sleeping in sleeping bags and tents was hard at first, but they loved to roll around and be silly inside our huge tent. Elijah (along with Mommy & Daddy) wants to go back and rent one of the yurts there. It’s definitely a possibility.

Here’s a list of things we did…
Geoff did a trail run
Miles tried to eat pinecones dipped in mud puddles
Elijah made shapes with sticks, and drew pictures in the dirt
I had a great nap in the tent on a rainy afternoon
We ate fajitas, steak, corn on the cob, and bison burgers

Because the campsite was so close, and we really did enjoy it up there, we bought a parks pass. It’s good for a year, and I hope we can get back up there in the fall, though probably in a cabin or yurt, as I’m not sure all the sleeping bags we own could withstand colder temps than we faced.

Pictures are up on Shutterfly. I encourage all of you to get out and enjoy nature, if only for a day.

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