I had written a post and then changed my mind about what I had written. I felt like words weren’t capturing the emotions I was feeling. It was all brought on by the song Walking Away (Information Society).

On an almost related note, I finally watched Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. I enjoyed it, but it made me very sad. I found Jim Carrey’s hair distracting (too Peter Krause), and Elijah Wood’s character was so pathetic. I would likely recommend it if you were in the mood for a drama.

I had a good dentist appointment. My teeth are now clean, and the hygienist was pleased that not much had changed since I was there 6 months ago. Plus it wasn’t all that painful. Whoo-hoo!

Not much else to share. I’m spending too much time thinking about things/people I can’t change. I’ll close with a quote from Never Been Kissed.

Merkin: I’m just a little tense. This whole office is not Feng Shui. All the desks are facing evil.

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