All Aboard!

Genevieve & D.C. of Choo Choo Soul

Elitch Gardens offers some great entertainment with their Summer Concert Series, there is something for everybody. Acts like Third Eye Blind, Emily Osment and preschooler favorite Choo Choo Soul. My boys were thrilled at the idea of going to see Choo Choo Soul, and I didn’t even tell them about the ride attractions!

We took the light rail to Elitch Gardens, since it has its own stop. We’ve never been to EG, but we’ve passed it many times taking the light rail downtown. The kids’ eyes were like saucers when they saw this park. The first ride we had to do was the ferris wheel. It gave great views of the park, and downtown Denver. We then headed over to Startoon Studios, where the lines were considerably less, and the rides were sized perfectly for the 5 & 3 yr old. Elijah loved the Cactus Coaster, he was the first one to give the ride operator the thumbs up to go another round. He ended up going around 4 times, the smile was so huge on his face.

Miles said his favorite was the Matinee Marina, a boat with a bell that went around in a circle.

When we finished all the rides there, we made our way to Elitch Arena to see the show. The arena offers plenty of seats and plenty of dancing room for the kiddos. Choo Choo Soul provided much more energy than the show on Playhouse Disney, it’s clear these guys enjoy what they do. The catchy music, D.C.’s rad dancing moves along with interacting with the audience made the show a lot of fun. Parents and kids of all ages were enjoying themselves. Following the show there was the opportunity to meet and greet Genevieve & D.C. Sadly we couldn’t stay for this, much to Elijah’s dismay. He really wanted to talk to D.C., but Miles was falling asleep- too much excitement for him.

D.C. dancing with the kids at the show

The show was a success. Heck, even Geoff got into it. There need to be more role models like Genevieve & D.C., teaching kids about eating vegetables, and dressing appropriately. Glad to hear Disney has ordered more episodes of Choo Choo Soul. And they may even allow you to submit videos of your kids dancing to be on the show. How cool is that?

*Thanks to Elitch Gardens for giving us free admittance to the park to enjoy the concert. My kids can’t wait to go back!*

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