A Perfect Sunday

Despite not getting a good night sleep on Saturday night, Sunday turned out to be a perfect day.

We had Elijah dedicated to the Lord on Sunday. Let me run down for you what exactly a baby dedication is.

It’s a promise that Geoff and I will raise Elijah to know Jesus, raise him in a Christian home, instill in him the values and morals we hold. Once Elijah is old enough to understand Christ’s sacrifice for his sins, he can choose to be baptized. We look forward to that day. But it was a lovely little ceremony, with Pastor Ron and our small group.

I had a wonderful 2 hour nap, we took a walk around the neighborhood after dark to see the lights people have put up, and after Elijah went to bed, Geoff and I enjoyed a fantastic roast beef dinner. Ended the day with watching Red Dwarf on the couch in our jammies.

Ah, that all days could be filled with such simple pleasures.

I’ll close with a quote from Red Dwarf (something I could totally see myself saying).

Rimmer: I just want to say: over the years, I have come to regard you as… people I met.

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