80 Questions

Do you watch the Gilmore girls?
yeah right!

Have you ever enjoyed listening to Jack Johnson?
not really. I did enjoy watching Ben Stiller in his video though.

Have you ever seen or enjoyed watching the O.C.?
I’ve seen one episode (thanks Lexi!)

Do you have one or more Britney Spears C.D.?
God No! Ewww!

Do you regularly watch the news?
every day

Which radio stations are your favorites?
here in CO I like 103.5 The Fox, in CA – 88.9 KUCI, in Edm 100.3 The Bear

Are you a Lost fanatic?
no, but I want to be
[[Be honest]]

Do you have a song by Ozzy Osbourne in your library?
Geoff has some Sabbath in our shared music folder, but I’d never listen to it


Alanis Morissette?

Do you watch Family Guy regularly?
you bet

The Simpsons?
not regularly. Haven’t seen a recent episode in years.

King of the Hill?
Used to watch it regularly, but not anymore. It’s still a good show, but not must-see for me
[[Admit it]]

Do you read trashy romance novels often?

Do you really work out every day?
I try to walk several times a week.

Have you ever eaten chocolate in bed?

Have you ever eaten an entire pint, or more, ice cream by yourself?
no, but I might if I had the right flavor and the right mood

Do you shower every single morning, no exceptions?
no, I shower every other day, and if it doesn’t fall on a day I have plans, I’ll shower that day

Do you ever forget to give an xmas/birthday present & instead keep it for yourself?
probably once when I was younger

Do you sing obnoxiously in the shower when no one’s home?
I sing obnoxiously anywhere in the house when no one is home

Do you go nights without brushing your teeth?

Have you ever watched a little kid’s show when you were over 12?
please. Of course.

Have you ever looked forward to go to school?
only to see my friends
[[The Necessary Love Questions That Aren’t So Necessary]]

What did you draw for your first crush back in elementary school/preschool?
couldn’t tell you

Have you ever liked a girl/boy but didnt ask her/him out b/c you were afraid?
all the time

Have you and a (past or present) significant other ever made an ‘Our Song’?
please. Of course

Have you ever written a poem about your love life?
you bet, in high school

An autobiography?
no but I’ve thought about it. afraid of the repercussions

Have you ever listened to a song repeatedly just because it reminded you of your crush?
oh yeah

Have you ever spent over an hour thinking about nothing but your crush? straight?

Do you reread meaningless AIM convos just because they’re with your crush?
no, they didn’t have that back then.

Have you ever reconsidered liking someone because of their appearance?

Have you ever liked someone solely for their appearance?
[[The Questions You Love: Completely and Utterly Pointless Ones]]

Do you eat all the servings in the food groups on a daily basis?
hello, do you know me at all?

Are you ever a freak about cleanliness or organization?

Have you ever been to South America or Africa?

Have you ever owned a Klutz book or kit?

Do you know how to knit?

Do you have a cellphone or iPod with a patterened cover?

Have you ever written song lyrics yourself and put them in your profile?
not likely

Do you keep a diary or journal (online or on paper)?

Do you own a striped sweater?
not anymore

How often do you take a bubble bath?
I used to all the time, but I haven’t made that kind of time for myself lately

When you open your closet, what are the color of your clothes?
blue, brown, reds
[[Truly Unusual This or That Questions]]

Baskin Robbins or Coldstone?
Baskin Robbins

Sees or Godiva?
I’m not crazy about Sees, and I’ve never had Godiva. I choose Harry & David!

The Shins or the Decemberists?
The Shins

America or Canada?
I have to pick? America to live in, but Canada will always have a place in my heart

Physics or chemistry?
which has less math? <--what Roland said Earphones or headphones?
earphones, they are easier for dancing

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