Happy President’s Day

Well, the sun is shining, there is a slight wind, but it made for a nice walk today. Though I don’t get why they celebrate President’s Day (beats Family Day), I believe every month should have a holiday. Mind you, I felt that more strongly when I had a job. Still it’s nice.

My mom & Russ went to Jasper for the weekend. Just to get away. Colin & Dawn celebrated their anniversary at the Edmonton Sun Valentine’s Wedding (at which they got hitched two years ago.) Colin has dj’d the event the last two years.

Like Chris was with his blog, I’ve been curious about who reads my blog, so please feel free to drop me a line and say hi, I like when you ______, or you suck I’m never reading this again! 🙂 Thanks to Dawn for sharing her thoughts on my blog. My email can be found on the upper right side.

While we were out at the B&B Friday night, I couldn’t recall the name of a game that I enjoyed playing in the 80’s. After 30 minutes, I gave up and resolved to look online when we got home. I.Q. 2000! Geoff was certain the word Quiz was involved, and I was adamant that the name of the last planet was Equalizer. You’ll have to trust me that it was funny how moronic and stubborn I was. Now I hope to find this game somewhere, or at least someone who owns it and wants to play. Ebay currently doesn’t have it.

To update a previous post, Jesus has been found! The Passion Of The Christ is now going to play in three theatres in Denver. Yay! So we might try to go on the 28th.

With the Oscars in just two weeks, I hope to come up with some theme food ideas for us to enjoy while we watch. Two years ago, we had a Lord of the Rings theme, invited some friends over, and we enjoyed Lord of the Onion Rings, Samwise Fries, and Boromir Burgers. Boromir burgers are still enjoyed at our house. I’m open to suggestions if anyone has some. Last year we were in Berkeley, so we didn’t do anything special. But I did yell at the tv (that’s kinda special, because I usually don’t. At least not during the Oscars).

Well, that’s all from here I guess. I’ll close with a quote from The Two Towers. There was a very funny scene in the extended edition. This is a transcription of it. It was laugh out loud funny.

Legolas: Final count…42.

Gimli: 42? That’s not bad for a pointy-eared elvish princling. I myself am sitting pretty on 43.

[Legolas shoots the orc that Gimli is sitting on]

Legolas: 43.

Gimli: He was already dead.

Legolas: He was twitching.

Gimli: He was twitching because he’s got my axe embedded in his nervous system.

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