Unbreak My Heart & Supplies!

The WB has decided not to renew Angel for next season. 🙁

Last season they thought this would be the last year, but numbers for the show have been up, and there was talk of a sixth season. I doubt UPN, who previously expressed an interest in Angel, will pick it up. Who knows! This may be for the best, based on this last week’s fairly stupid episode.

Well, my Friday turned out much different than I thought. I was surprised at 5:00 to see Geoff walk through the door with roses and an offer to go out to the Bull & Bush for dinner. 🙂 So we changed into something presentable and trotted down to the B&B. I enjoyed some potato skins (which were better than usual. I think they changed them), and a classic burger. Fridays is all you can eat fish & chips, which Geoff had, as well as he tried the Tower E.S.B. beer (they have a brewery on site). He said it tasted like Canadian. And “no alarms and no surprises” he had an Ardbeg after dinner. (Ardbeg is an Islay scotch. He likes it neat, fyi)

Tonight he’s making pizza, my favorite pepperoni & bacon. And we’ll watch Return To Me. Our first Valentine’s Day we had pizza and watched When Harry Met Sally. The roses for our anniversary was a tradition started on our wedding day. Every year we’re married, that’s how many roses I get. And he wants us to make 75 years.

Monday is President’s Day, and I won’t go to the museum, as my dept closes for holidays. I hope the nice weather we have now holds out and we can go for a walk to the lake when the Canadian geese hang out.

I’ll close with a quote from L.A. Confidential. It’s such a good movie.

Captain Dudley Smith: Have you a valediction, boy-o?

Jack Vincennes: Rollo Tomasi.

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