You Might Think I’m Crazy

Look out now, I’m in 80’s mode. I’ve been listening to 80’s music all day, and I have more coming my way from the library soon. It drives Geoff crazy that I love 80’s music, but I secretly think he finds it adorable. I generally don’t subject him to it. Some of it is because it’s fun music, and some of it is because certain songs remind me of people, places, experiences, or movies. Pointer Sisters make me think of my dad, he liked them. The Cars remind me of a road trip I took with my family. Huey Lewis reminds me of when I was in dance. Genesis reminds me of my Uncle Barry.

I was trying to put up more pictures around the house today. Geoff gave me some frames for Christmas, and I finally got around to hanging them. We have many bare walls in our place, and I have designs on putting some posters into frames (someday). So I’m trying to save room for those one day. Also I feel like our place has tons of photos of us, and so I’m trying to find was to display photos that aren’t us. The thing about frames, I love when people buy them for me, but I want the option to hang it or set it up. I hate that not all frames come with that option!

I got two books out of the library to read. Yes, even though I have three books I’m in the middle of. The books I got are fiction, the books I’m reading are not. I got The Pleasure Of My Company by Steve Martin, and Death Rat by Mike Nelson. I’ve heard good things about them both, so I will be anxious to start those tomorrow afternoon.

For my Calgary fans (I could have fans), Easily Amused is playing at the University of Calgary on March 17 at noon. You should go for me. UofC has a beautiful campus. I’ve been once, when Doug, Geoff & I went for Geoff’s conference. That was a fun trip. We blew a tire like 40 minutes outside of Edmonton. Then we played hacky-sack in the grass divider while we waited for AAA. Ah, good times, good times.

In keeping with an 80’s themes, I’ll end with a quote from The Breakfast Club. God Bless Mr. Mills for letting us watch this in CALM class. 🙂

John: Hey, how come Andrew gets to get up? If he gets up, we’ll all get up, it’ll be anarchy.

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