No I Didn’t See The Booby

It was certainly an exciting football game, much better than last year’s. We tuned out for the halftime show, as I could care less about what MTV puts out (with the exception of Newlyweds which I love). I’m glad the Pats won, but Tom Brady MVP? I don’t think so. He seems to be a bit of a tool.

I took two pictures of the Machu Picchu dig site for you to see. They are on my website. This is where I did the reverse archeology. Geoff and I are going to attend the Members Night on February 18, to check out the exhibit and to catch the new IMAX show Coral Reef (which opens in March).

We are expected to get more snow Tuesday night. I’m glad these snow days are few and far between.

Honey goes to the kitty cat dentist this week to get her teeth cleaned. Then we’ll start putting her back on dry food. It’s better for her teeth. The wet food was to help her lose weight, and she’s at a good weight now (don’t we all wish it were that easy?).

My plan for this week is to read, watch some movies, mail some letters, and hopefully tackle a movie. I also aim to organize some photos and maybe even do some scrapbooking. We’ll see.

I’ll close with a quote from Hackers (I have to get this on DVD soon).

Dade: Who’s that?

Phantom Phreak: Curtis.

Dade: And what’s he do?

Phantom Phreak: That’s it man. You’re looking at it. He just looks slick all day.

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