A Few Thoughts

Man, fasting is hard. We did our grocery shopping last night, because I figured it would be easier on a full stomach, rather than today when everything would have looked good. Worst part is the Superbowl snacks we bought just sitting in the snack drawer taunting me. This morning, the neighbors were cooking bacon. Ah, it’s only like 8 more hours. I’ve gone hungry before, and it won’t kill me.

I’m so glad Pixar is out on it’s own from underneath Disney. I haven’t been keen on a lot of what Disney has done in the last decade, exceptions being Pirates of the Caribbean, Mulan, & The Lion King. Pixar is what makes them money, and Eisner’s greed just lost Disney a whole lot of money. Yes, Pixar loses it’s rights to the movies they made under Disney (Monster’s Inc, Finding Nemo, Toy Story), but what can you do? A lot of people I know come down hard on Disney, but we loved going to Disneyland (& Disneyworld). We hope to take a Disney cruise someday. Some people just aren’t Disney people.

I sent out a quiz to my friends and family a long while ago, and was thinking of making a new one. A lot of people found it too hard, I found it funny. It asked my favorite car (Rolls Royce), how many kids I hope to have someday (3), favorite season (fall), and stuff like that. I may make it easier this time around.

For those who are wondering about where Age of Melissius comes from, it was a play on a song Geoff and I came up with. “This is the dawning of the Age of Melissius”. I have since decided that would be the name of my production company. I like making movies on my Mac with iMovie, and I hope to someday turn it into a business. For special occasions. I have made two movies thus far, with one unfinished, and possibly one on the horizon. I suppose I should mail myself a letter indicating that I came up with this name, in case it becomes a problem in the future.

Monk was pretty good last night. It’s nice to have something to watch on Friday nights. I love when shows make jokes about themselves during the show. Last night it was about the changing of the theme song. 🙂

Lisa & I have talked for years about setting up a Bonnie Doon YBC reunion. I think we may attempt it in the future. We figure Martin will help us with locating people. It amazes me the people Lisa remembers, and I don’t until she says their names. She remembers last names, I don’t even remember the names of my teams. I could barely tell you who was on them. But ask me about some song or some movie, I have that down. Odd. I only have 2 bowling pictures from all my years in bowling. I haven’t gone bowling much since I left YBC. I have gone 10 pin a few times (I’m usually better than those I go with). The last time I went 5 pin was with Colin, Dawn, Dylan, and Geoff, the evening after the funeral. I figure it was a good way to think of Papa. I don’t have to tell you who had the high score. 😉

The oddest thing happened this week. I got a few emails from people who found me either on Gradfinder or online. It’s just funny to me, because I generally don’t get a lot of email. But I’ve emailed a few people I found on Gradfinder, and some who’ve emailed me and I haven’t bothered to email back. Not meaning to be rude, but I didn’t have anything to say.

I’m gonna close with a quote from A League Of Their Own. I saw it in the theatre, I have the DVD, I love it.

Walter Harvey: It’s funny to you. Your drinking is funny. You’re a young man, Jimmy: you still could be playing, if you just would’ve laid off the booze.

Jimmy Dugan: Well, it’s not exactly like that… I hurt my knee.

Walter Harvey: You fell out of a hotel. That’s how you hurt it.

Jimmy Dugan: Well, there was a fire.

Walter Harvey: Which you started, which I had to pay for.

Jimmy Dugan: Well, now, I was going to send you a thank-you card, Mr. Harvey, but I wasn’t allowed anything sharp to write with.

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