LOTR:ROTK Rules Golden Globes!

Let me start with saying how thrilled I was that Peter Jackson’s epic work finally got the recognition it deserves. 4 wins for the 4 categories it was nominated in. The only thing that could have made it better would have been acting nominations. I was also thrilled that Dominic Monaghan (Meriadoc Brandybuck) was on hand, along with Elijah Wood (Frodo Baggins) to celebrate the wins.

Okay what I was less than thrilled about. The Office wins in the two categories it’s nominated in? I’m sure it’s a great show, I love British humour. But seriously, who gets BBC America? The thing I’ve always hated about the GG is their preference for HBO shows. I felt Monk should have one at least one of the awards it was up for, Best Actor (Tony Shalhoub), Best Actress (Bitty Schram), and Best Comedy.

So I didn’t feel like there were a lot of surprises at the GG, except I thought it was a bad day for fashion.

Tomorrow the Oscar nominations will be announced, and I’m really hoping TPTB (the powers that be) have heard the swell of people who want to see Sean Astin get a nom for his portrayal of Samwise Gamgee in LOTR.

Alright, now back to the real world. My in-laws just got back from Hawaii, and we got a dump of snow yesterday. The weather people said it wouldn’t hit us, just the mountains. I never believe those weather people anyway. In other exciting news, Kelly posted about me in her blog. *Blush* Hee hee. The Peanuts/OutKast video got a mention on Ain’t It Cool News. I got the link from this guy Roland I know, I don’t know where he found it.

Museum work is good, I’m really enjoying it. I finished a book I was reading, The Funny Thing Is… by Ellen DeGeneres. It was funny, I enjoyed her first book too. I haven’t made time yet to listen to the new Easily Amused CD, but we did listen to Chris Thomas King’s CD The Legend Of Tommy Johnson. It was good. I’m no blues expert (though I know one), but I liked it. I also listened to Barenaked Ladies’ Everything To Everyone, and it was okay. I’ve had experiences of not loving their CDs and then having them grow on me. But I do love the song For You. I got the cd from Kevin. I also got the new Josh Groban cd out of the library, but I haven’t listened to it either. Makes you wonder what exactly I do if I don’t have time to listen to new music? 🙂 Not much.

Monk was awesome on Friday! John Turturro played Monk’s brother, and played it well. I like him, he’s a good actor. I think the movie I saw him first in was Quiz Show (which is fabulous). But more recently, we loved him in O Brother, Where Art Thou? Let’s end with a quote from that.

Pete: Wait a minute. Who elected you leader of this outfit?

Ulysses Everett McGill: Well Pete, I figured it should be the one with the capacity for abstract thought. But if that ain’t the consensus view, then hell, let’s put it to a vote.

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