Well That’s New

I’ve never had such a good dentist appointment before. The hygenist was very nice (Jane), and the dentist seems like an alright guy. And for the first time ever…no cavities! So my teeth are all nice and clean, and I’m set to go back in 6 months. The office is just up on Colorado Blvd, so it’s a short walk there. And lucky Geoff, he gets to go tomorrow.

He is lucky, because Elijah was good for him this morning. I hope he’ll be a good boy tomorrow as we go get his passport photo taken. I’m a little worried he may fall asleep on the walk to Sears, I want him to stay awake so it will be easier to get him to be good for the photographer. Then we need to get his passport application filled out and sent, since we leave for Alberta in 46 days.

Caught the strangest show on Cartoon Network on Sunday night. Robot Chicken. I don’t know if the fact that it is on at 12:30am makes it funnier or not. But it’s a little messed up, and a little funny at the same time. Kinda has some inside jokes, and they jokes come fast.

Gotta go be a mom, so I’ll close with a quote from Kids In The Hall.

Filipino kid: You are American?
Tourist: No, I’m a Canadian. It’s like an American, but without the gun.

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