Weekend Update
Geoff remarked yesterday that our weekends aren’t the relaxing, recoup time they used to be. I guess it takes getting used to that our lives will never be the same. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A few years ago we were feeling left out, when all our friends were buying their own homes. And I was feeling left out a few years ago when everyone I knew was having kids. But I kinda feel like we’re on a moving sidewalk now, and that things are going to start happening fast. In a little over a year’s time we’ll be moving again, and Geoff will be starting at a university. So we’ll be looking to settle into a house maybe. Or maybe it will still be another few years. But time is already moving so fast. I feel like Elijah has been with us so long, and it’s been 3 weeks.

I was reflecting yesterday about my time at KUCI. How there are things I really miss; the people, the interaction, the elite-ness of being in that scene. How I don’t know if I have the energy now to do that if I could. But what a great experience that was.

Church service was amazing yesterday. It was emotional and the music was kicking. I got all teary and choked up singing Grace Like Rain (which was preceded by clips from Passion Of The Christ). Following service, we drove out to Mark and Shannon’s for an Easter brunch and egg hunt. The food was excellent, and Elijah was so well behaved. He participated in the egg hunt in a small capacity, because really, he’s 3 weeks old. But it was great and the weather hit 73 degrees. Ah, that’s more like it (it snowed Saturday morning).

This week I get to look forward to time with the Karns and Kroliks. So I should probably tackle tidying the house up, at least a little each day. I think Elijah and I will walk up to Target today since it’s still kinda nice out. So I’ll sign off now with a quote from The World Is Not Enough.

Q: I’ve always tried to teach you two things. First, never let them see you bleed.
James Bond: And the second?
Q: Always have an escape plan.

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