No Worries Mate
Just didn’t want you all to be left wondering, but the DMV trip went smoothly today. We got there before it opened, stood in line, got inside, went through the drill, and left with a temporary license (they’ll mail out the real one). Geoff got lucky and didn’t get the interrogation I got( re: visa stuff), so his license is good for 10 years, while mine is still set to expire once my visa does (2006). And Elijah slept through the whole thing.

Elijah and I then dropped Dad off at work and since he was sleeping I headed to the museum to show him off to Jeff & Rich. Everyone fawned over how sweet he looked (yeah, come see him at 3am when he’s screaming), and it was nice just to see familiar faces. Then Rich asks when I’m coming back to work, and will I be there tonight. Me: “Tonight? What’s tonight?” Rich: “oh yeah, you haven’t been here” Tonight Jeff is having a potluck and slide show of his Egypt trip. I remember at the baby shower Jeff mentioning he was going to do it sometime in March, but since I haven’t been around, I didn’t hear that a day had been set. They told me I should go, but Rich gets that I have mom stuff to do. I may have gone if I had more notice, as I’m sure the pictures are amazing. What I find really funny is how I was at the museum for maybe 20-30 minutes, and in that time Rich complained about Jeff to me. 🙂 Ah, just like old times.

So I was up at 4am with a wide awake baby, and since I’d spent an hour trying to get him to sleep, I decided if I have to be awake, I’m going to watch tv. Now let me tell you about the quality programming you can choose from at 4am. Infomercials. I did find that Aqua Teen Hunger Force was on, which I would have watched, except that Comedy Central had Creature Comforts. That’s right, an Aardman production. It was a little odd, as I wasn’t expecting to find anything good on tv. And when I returned to bed around 4:20 and told Geoff it was on, he said cool. He told me this morning that in the future I should wake him when I find Aardman stuff on tv. I told him hey since you were awake anyways, you should have some out into the living room. Well, looking at the Comedy Central website, they seem to be showing it on a regular basis. So maybe I’ll make a point of taping it and then when I have to be up at ungodly hours, I have something good to watch.

Well, I should wake Elijah and get him changed and fed. Since Geoff gave me the car today, I have to go pick him up. And I don’t want to go too late as I hate driving in the dark and in the snow. Thankfully it’s Denver snow, so it doesn’t stick to the road.

I’ll close with a quote from Creature Comforts.

The Amoeba: I think I have a very intimate relationship with water ’cause I’m primarily composed of it. But I do think water is one of the great mysteries.

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