Being Denied
I wasn’t able to get on Blogger all day today (until now), and was getting annoyed. What if I had something to post about? Who would know? Funny thing is I don’t have anything to post about,it’s the principle.

It’s gorgeous outside, 50 degrees (that’s 10 Celsius). Just woke up from my nap in a sunbeam. I’m not sleeping well, so naps are my chance to refreshen. Even if it’s only for an hour, I feel great afterwards.

The same day I posted about the decision to skip our high school reunion, got an email with more details about it. I may send them info on Geoff and I, but I doubt we’ll schedule our Edmonton visit just to go. I still think it’s too much money, and the odds of people being there that we want to see are small. I may try to arrange for us to get together for dinner or coffee with some of our old friends. It’s been an eternity since we’ve seen James. Besides he, Jason and Kelly, we don’t keep in touch with anyone from our graduating class. If they are on or, I’ll look up where people in our class have moved on to.

I’m spending a fair amount of time trying to decide what to buy Geoff for his birthday. Even though it’s in April, I want to have it bought and done with in advance. I have some ideas, and I have shipped out some ideas to family, but I always stress about his gift. I just want to get him something he’ll like, and something practical. I already have his Father’s Day gift picked out. See? I like to work in advance.

Pending that the baby doesn’t arrive before then, we have dinner plans on Saturday with the Bendiaks. We’re going to the Squealing Pig. Whoo-hoo! I love pub food.

Hard to believe it’s been a year since we last visited Edmonton. And that I thought at that time we’d be back this time this year. 🙂 I emailed Colin & Dawn about taping some of the Brier for me, and sending that tape down with my mom. I’ve been reading online about curling fans trying to get Canadian television to get their crap together and give the people what they want- good curling coverage, and lots of it! Way to go! You can sometimes catch curling on tv down here, but it’s rare, it’s limited, and the commentators aren’t always great.

Speaking of sports, Denver has a lacrosse team, and we talked all season about catching a game since it’s super affordable, but the timing didn’t work out. I mean their next game is against Calgary, but it’s on the due date. Who knows? Maybe we should go and see if that’s what it takes to get this kid to come out. 🙂 Seriously, I think we’ll definitely go to a game next season. They have a few special nights where you can get 4 tickets, 4 beers, and 4 hot dogs for $40. And I know Paula & Simon would totally go with us.

Celebrity Poker Showdown was awesome last night! Did not see Brad Garrett winning it all, I had picked Malcolm Jamal-Warner. I knew he was doomed when he was Phil’s pick too. 🙂 Actually, he played amazingly to make it to the final, just didn’t have it for the big game. Now I guess we wait a few months to see if there will be a 6th tournament. They were promoting celebrity pool, but I can’t get into that. Sorry. What I am into right now is a show on Discovery called It Takes A Thief. Two ex-thieves show people how easy it is to be robbed, help them secure their homes, and then test them later by trying to break in again. It’s pretty informative.

Well, I suppose I should sign off. I’ll close with a quote from 3rd Rock From The Sun.

Officer Don: Hamlet? The story is as old as time: Pretty boy son has a rich daddy, and a good-looking mommy. The uncle knocks off daddy, marries mommy, and he cuts pretty boy out of the action. So junior goes crazy and he kills them all. Not a pretty story… but there it is.
Tommy Solomon: Isn’t that the plot to ‘The Lion King?’

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