It’s been brought to my attention, that my Top Five Places To Eat At In Edmonton, does not accurately describe the places I eat. So, Elephant & Castle, while a tasty place to eat, couldn’t be on my top five because I didn’t eat there often. So it was removed from it’s number four spot, and replaced by KFC. Because, as my friend pointed out, I was always there on Toonie Tuesday. Thus, all last night, I was dreaming about KFC. MMMmmmmm.

I’m so tired of shopping. I hope to avoid being in a store or mall until January. But while I was picking up a few items for our trip to Calgary, I went by Foley’s to see if the price had dropped on the sweater I had mentioned in an earlier post. And it had dropped $10! Yay! So I took the last one in the color I wanted, and at the counter they took another 15% off. 🙂 My $30 sweater was only $15. Can I shop or what!

Geoff was asking about the Top Five list on my blog, specifically how I came up with the songs on the list. These are my own choices, reflecting what I’m listening to that week. I do hope to expand the musical horizons of my loved ones. Just as friends have done for me.

I can hardly believe Christmas is 5 days away. We’ve been feeling sad thinking about those we’ve lost in the last year & a half. Namely my dad, Grandma Bessie, and Grandpa Jim. We received some posessions of theirs, and it made us miss them. But now we have things to look at to remind us of them. I don’t have anything of my dad’s, I just have pictures. But eventually I’ll bring some stuff down here, I hope.

I’ll close with a quote from Lewis Black, regarding the Atkins diet and the energy bars that Dr. Phil is hocking. The energy bars come in Apple or Pear, but those aren’t the flavors. That is suppose to be your body type.

“If you look like an apple or a pear, eat an apple or a pear. It doesn’t taste great, but hey, at least it’s not bread”.

To view the whole clip & listen to him make fun of the Atkins diet (sorry Kelly, but it’s funny),

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