Update On Grandpa
I called my Grandma yesterday, and she wasn’t there, but she called me back last night. I’d like to say I am more aware of the situation, but that’s not entirely true. Does no one in this family ask questions? Grandpa is going into the Royal Alec today to get a test done, then he’ll go back to the Fort. What test? Geoff and I are assuming it’s an angiogram, assuming because Grandma didn’t know. So I guess I just wait for news. Grandma thought we called because the baby had come.

This is pretty much all the info I have. I will nag my mom and Colin to stay on top of it, and to keep me informed. But I guess we’re lucky that my uncle Ron was around to take Grandpa to the hospital, since he just got back from a trip to South America on Saturday. I don’t know why they went to South America, but it’s their thing they do now. The family likes to travel there. I think my cousin Angela went there for Christmas with her boyfriend.

That’s all the news I have to share. Geoff is off to donate blood today (we’re blood donor people). He felt like if something were to go awry during labor, and I had needed blood, that he had done his part. I’m looking forward to being able to give blood once I’m not pregnant. I know some people can’t, and some people won’t. But it’s a great feeling to know you are doing something to help someone else.

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