Down From The Mountain

We’re back from our weekend in the mountains. We left Saturday about 9:45, and Geoff was on the slopes by noon. While he spent the afternoon skiing, I spent my time riding around on shuttles trying to get where I wanted to be. I got us checked into the FoxPine Inn, which was right off the slopes in East Village, then met Geoff for lunch at Jack’s in Center Village. Once Geoff went back out skiing, I did some browsing in the shops before heading to the Athletic Club to go swimming. After my swim, I headed back to the room, and Geoff was already soaking in the hot tub. I went out to visit with him, but could not enjoy the hot tub because it’s a no-no when you are pregnant. We took the shuttle back out to Center Village to look around, as Geoff never gets to see what’s there, he’s usually on the mountain. We decided our best bet for dinner would be JJ’s which is in the East Village. We enjoyed a tasty dinner, then retired to our room. Watched a little tv before we fell asleep. We woke the next day, grabbed some cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and parted ways. Geoff was back out skiing, and I went to check us out of the room (check out is at 10am), and go back to the pool. After leaving the pool I went back to Center Village to check out the shops I missed the previous day. When Geoff called me to meet up for hot chocolate, I was just a few shops away from him. We waited outside Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for five minutes until it opened, then ordered two dark chocolate hot chocolates. We found a bench in the sun and enjoyed the mountain air. Over our drinks, we decided to grab some lunch to go and head home. The skiing wasn’t as nice as the day before, and Geoff felt he was okay leaving. I talked him into going to Grand Hall Market for lunch, as there were signs everywhere saying they had lunch specials for $3.99. GHM is located in East Village above JJ’s. It turned out to be a great deal, and Geoff says he’ll go back there everytime. Once inside the building, the food smelled so good, we decided to stay and eat. We were on the road by 12:30 and home just about 2pm. Copper Mountain does offer a lot to do if you don’t want to ski. I was pretty impressed. Being pregnant, I couldn’t take part in those activites (tubing, skating, and curling), but I found I had plenty to see to keep me busy. It’s pretty family friendly, it’s affordable, and I would totally recommend it. I only took four photos while we were there, but I posted them for you to see.

We watched “The Big Game” yesterday, and I was so happy to see the Eagles give the Pats a game. I was rooting for the Eagles, as I don’t really like Tom Brady (but his portrayal on The Simpsons following the game was bang on), and the Patriots have already won enough times, I wanted someone else to win. (*NOTE: This idea of “having won enough times” does not apply to USC). My favorite commercial was FedEx Kinkos, even though I dislike FedEx, followed by NFL players singing Tomorrow (from Annie). As I sort of mentioned, we did tune into The Simpsons, something we haven’t done in a while. We feel like it’s not what it used to be. But the episode wasn’t so much funny as it was true. At least that’s how I viewed it.

Colin Update: He’s doing okay. They had to sew his cartilage together, his bone was stuck in it. He’s in a full leg cast (one of those blue things) from his thigh to his ankle. He’s on crutches, and off work for several weeks, if not months. He’s annoyed because he can’t do anything, and more than anything just wants a new knee. I may give him a call today. I feel bad for him, because when he was out with his arm injury, he could still go out and get around. Please pray for a speedy recovery, and for him to have the patience to let himself heal.

Well, that’s all I know. This week I have a doctor’s appointment, and our first baby shower is on Saturday. It’s going to be an “unshower”, meaning no baby games, and there will be beer. It should be interesting. I’ll close with a quote from Intolerable Cruelty, which was on tv yesterday.

Miles Massey: “Dismiss your vows, your feigned tears, your flattery, for where a heart is hard, they make no battery…” Mrs. Rexroth, do you know those lines?

Freddy Bender: Objection, your honor.

Judge Marva Munson: Grounds?

Freddy Bender: Uh… poetry recitation.

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