Good Eats

This weekend was filled with excellent food at our house. One thing can always be said about our house, and that it that we eat well. Saturday was our first Saturday in 3 weeks without lamaze class, so we were able to partake in tea at Peet’s. This tradition had been sorely missed. After tea time, we walked over to Whole Foods and bought some yummy Australian cheddar cheese and a loaf of sourdough bread for lunch. For dinner Saturday night, Geoff made deep dish pizza, which was very tasty. Only topped by the BEST TURKEY DINNER EVER!!!! on Sunday night. All the elements came together perfectly to create a very moist bird, and the most outstanding gravy Geoff has ever made. There was no conversation, just “mmms” and sighs of contentment. To find out his secrets, you’ll just have to ask him. But I do know portions of the recipe came from Alton Brown. I think I ought to send him a thank you note. 🙂

This summer I worked with a very nice girl named Rachel at DMNS, who spent September through December in Spain. It was an exchange program with school I think. Well, doll that she is she brought me back a beautiful pair of earrings from Salamanca. They are called “botones charros”, and are traditional to the area. I love them, and it was very thoughtful for her to bring me back something.

Jeff is back from Egypt, and he had an amazing time. He spent an hour given us just a small idea of all he saw. I imagine we’ll be hearing about it for weeks to come, but we’re all anxious to see the pictures. It’s just nice to have our department getting back to normal, with a lot of work to do. Since the Egypt exhibit has ended, we can pack it all away and get ready for the next one, which is Lewis & Clark. Also in museum news, Mary may be leaving. She is already committed at her daughter’s school on a board, and she got a job offer somewhere else. While I was planning on taking a few months break away from DMNS, I always envisioned I’d continue to volunteer in some capacity. It just won’t be the same without her. Ideally we’ll keep up on our coffee dates. We’ll have to see what happens. Mary may not take that job, nothing is certain at this point.

No big plans for this week. Mary & I are going to try to do coffee, but that’s about all that is on my plate. I’m going to close with a quote from The Lost Boys (which was on the other week, and Geoff told me he’s never seen it. Can you believe that?)

Edgar Frog: You did the right thing by calling us. Does your brother sleep a lot?

Sam Emerson: Yeah, all day.

Alan Frog: Does the sunlight freak him out?

Sam Emerson: Uh, he wears sunglasses in the house.

Edgar Frog: Bad breath, long fingernails?

Sam Emerson: Yeah, his fingernails are a little bit longer, um, he always had bad breath though.

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