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I had a strange dream last night, but then I’m always having weird dreams. In this dream I was eating in a restaurant in New Orleans or it could have been Vegas but a New Orleans themed restaurant, and Zach Braff was at the next table, and I was trying to find my camera in my bag to get a picture with him. There were also serving the weirdest looking nachos I’ve ever seen. I was afraid to try it, it looked yucky.

In watching That Thing You Do! I noticed an In-N-Out cup. They don’t have In-N-Out in Erie, PA. 🙂 I know the movie was filmed in Orange, CA, but it made me want an In-N-Out milkshake. We didn’t make it to In-N-Out when we were in Vegas, so I’ll have to wait until our next trip out there (hopefully this summer/fall). I almost got teary today thinking about how much I miss my WCC friends. Must be those pregnancy hormones.

So a date has been set for our 10 year high school reunion, it’s at the end of June. There will be a dinner and dance. Geoff is adamant about not wanting to go. I kinda want to go, but I’d want to have my friends from the years before and after me at the reunion. While sure there is tons of stuff I hated about high school, there is stuff I can look back on and smile about. Like playing cards with my friends. I was trying to remember this one game we’d play. I don’t remember what it was called, and I’m hazy on how to play it, but I’m sure it had a Ukrainian name, and it involved passing cards and at least a few decks. I think that’s one of the things I miss about Edmonton, is our friends there knew the same card games we did. We always have to teach people how to play the card games we like (like bridge).

I finished reading Why I Hate Canadians and it was a great read. It’s a good compliment to Will Furguson’s book How To Be A Canadian. Now I’m looking forward to tackling his book Canadian History For Dummies since my recollection of Canadian history isn’t what it should be. Fiction wise, I’m still reading Perelandra (C.S. Lewis), and I hope to start Tombs Of Atuan (Ursula K. LeGuin).

The Calgary Armstrongs and the Schmidts are in Panama this week. I imagine they are all having quite the adventure. I’m happy to be taking a break from travel for a while. If I have my way, 2005 will hold just 2 trips, one to Edmonton, and one to California. We’ll have to get a passport for the baby (how funny is that?), so I’ve started looking into that. I’m worried I won’t have much time to be on top of things once the baby comes, so I’m trying to look a few months ahead and set some things in motion.

Before I sign off, I want to brag about how beautiful it is here. It’s 64 degrees (that’s 18 degrees Celsius for my Hoser friends and family), you don’t need a coat, and I have the patio screen door open.

I’ll close with a quote from That Thing You Do!

Phil: I’m talking about *real* Rock ‘N’ Roll shows in Stubenville, Pittsburgh…

The Bass Player: [interrupts] Pittsburgh?

Lenny: Stubenville?

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