Happy Birthday To Me!

I’m 28. It’s weird, I was more concerned after I turned 27, but I guess since last year was so good, I don’t mind getting older.

Let me tell you about my Saturday, as it turned out to be a pretty good day. First, I got 2 free movie tickets in the mail. I won them online from Frito-Lay. I periodically visit it to enter their contests, but this is the first time I won something. Then in the afternoon, Jen from Harry & David called and asked me to come in for a shift this week. Score, a couple of extra bucks. Then, my mom showed up on my doorstep that night. It was the strangest experience. Geoff left the house “to go to work”, and when he comes home he has a suitcase in his hand. I figured that his co-worker Tammy gave him a suitcase. Then he says, look who I found, and my mom is at my door. I’m in shock, I’m dumbfounded. I actually believe that he just found her. So after a few minutes of sitting there with a confused look on my face, I welcome her in, and continue to be in shock. I ask Geoff if he knew about it, and he says what do you think? Everyone knew about it. It’s been in the making for months. I was the only one who didn’t know. How’s that for a birthday surprise?!

I think we’ll go out to dinner tonight, Old Chicago. Other than that, we’ll just see what the day unfolds.

I’ll close with a quote from King Of The Hill.

Bobby Hill: Why is there such a big fence, Dad?

Hank Hill: Well, millions of people come to America in search of a better life, and we’ve decided we don’t need that many.

Bobby Hill: Did the Soupinusanphones come through the fence?

Hank Hill: No, Bobby, Kahn applied the legal way. Sometimes the system fails us.

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