Being Sick Sucks

I’m sick. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but my throat closed over last night, I had a headache, and a pain in my ear. When I woke this morning, I just felt hot and achy all over. I had a Five Alive, and that came up about an hour later. I don’t want to eat anything, so I’m sticking to fluids for now. I hope I feel better by this evening, since we have dinner plans.

Gotta go get some more rest, but I did want to post there is talk that Uma Thurman will replace Nicole Kidman in The Producers. This idea sucks. They should just get one of the actresses who played the role of Ulla on Broadway or in he L.A. production. Why does it have to be a big name actress?

Please keep me in your prayers as I hope to recover from whatever this is quickly.

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