Song I can’t stop listening to is Hanging By A Moment by Lifehouse.

4 Days until Return of the King, and I’m pretty excited. We bought our tickets today, which kicked the excitement into high gear! Best of all we’ll get to see it on a large screen. Wheee!

Alright Christmas, go ahead and come. All the shopping is done, and all the shipping is done too. We fed-exed everything this morning. Huge weight off my shoulders.

With my birthday in less than a month, I’ve already started looking at stuff I may want, in case I don’t get it for Christmas. I rarely buy anything in the time between Christmas & my birthday just to be safe. Or I’ll check with people to see if it’s okay. I found a fabulous sweater at Foley’s that I have my eye on, in the case that I get money at Christmas. Normally I wouldn’t shop Foley’s, but it’s a good price for a sweater, though I’d love it if they dropped the price even $10. We’ll see what happens.

I finally convinced Geoff he needed new boots, as his have been leaking in the sole. We’ll keep the old ones for camping.

I’ve been in kind of a weird state the last few weeks. I’ve felt the strong desire to renew old friendships. Actually, it’s been longer than a few weeks. I got reacquainted with a friend from high school this past spring, and now we’re trying to keep in touch via email. She & her husband are trying to conceive, so it’s exciting to share that experience with someone. We are also trying to conceive, in case you didn’t know. I also emailed an old friend that I lost touch with a few years ago. I don’t quite know what brought on these feelings, but I’m just going with it. I thought about emailing a friend I had in junior high, but I wasn’t sure that 1. He would remember me, and 2. that he would want to hear from me. I’m giving it some more time to think about. I had a lot of friends in junior high, but I didn’t go to high school with many of them, so I doubt they’d remember me. Does anyone else feel like that?

I read a great book this week, Party Monster by James St. James. It was originally published under the title Disco Bloodbath, and it has been released as a movie (again?) starring Macaulay Culkin & Seth Green. I’ll likely have to wait until it comes out on DVD, which I think is in February 2004. It isn’t playing that close to me. But I’d probably read the book again, it was very funny. I also rented One Hour Photo (which was odd), and Family Guy Seasons 1&2. I love Family Guy! It’s hilarious, witty, and yet another gem that Fox didn’t keep on the air. Fox has an annoying habit of cancelling shows I like. Them & the WB. I wrote to Fox to encourage them to release more of their cancelled shows on DVD. Like Titus, Harsh Realm, or The Lone Gunmen.

Oh, I guess I could write about my job at the museum. It was fun. My boss Jeff is cool, he reminds me of a cross between Kevin from KUCI, and Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters. So far, I’m only working Mondays until I learn the ropes & stuff. Geoff & I are going to the museum tomorrow because it’s a free day, and I can’t wait to check stuff out. Science can be a lot of fun!

I’ll close with a quote from Ghostbusters which was on this morning. I love that movie, Bill Murray cracks me up.

Dr. Peter Venkman: Hee hee! “Get her!” That was your whole plan. I like it; it was scientific.

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