A Real 30’s Woman

Okay, so some of you know, I’m not the cook of the family. But I’ve been branching out, and preparing supper a few times. Last week I made a very tasty meatloaf. I told Geoff I’m like a real modern woman, and he laughed, you’re like a real 30’s woman. Fair enough. 🙂

I’m breaking out of my reading box. I usually read older books, or classics, but I am trying to read more current books. I have a few on hold at the library that sounded like I might enjoy them. I don’t mind being recommended books, but like movies, there are some people I just don’t trust their judgment of what I would like. It’s nothing personal, I just have a different taste than them. There are also people I know that I wouldn’t presume to know what they would enjoy reading. I don’t think I influence what anyone reads, but that’s cool. Diane & I were talking last week about books, and I said that new books couldn’t be called classics, that they have to get passed being the trend, or fad. Time has to have passed and I suppose what is a classic to some, may not be to others. Who decides what gets to be a classic? This is just something I wonder.

Thursday I am going to have coffee with Mary, which should be fun. We’ve never hung out outside of the museum. We may end up housesitting for her around Thanksgiving, if we can work it around the Vegas trip. She seems to be pretty flexible, but we can talk about that on Thursday.

Saturday, Glen & Diane arrive. We have so much to pack into this visit, it being Glen’s first visit here since he was 15 (I think). We’ve made reservations at Ruth’s Chris for Saturday night, and I’m so excited because it’s my favorite restaurant. I hope they enjoy it. Sunday we’ll have a turkey in celebration of Canadian Thanksgiving.

We decided we want to carve a pumpkin this year. It’s not something we always do, maybe every few years. We’ll be home for Halloween, so we thought why not. We’ll have to wait until much later to get the candy as I don’t trust myself with it in the house. 🙂

Lisa sent off a package to me with meatballs and gravy. We’ll see if it makes it here. She talked to the post office about it, and they told her she had to contact the FDA and bioterrorism act. Come on people! It’s processed meatballs! Last year when my mom tried to send some chocolate they told her no way. Dawn sent the exact same chocolate, but didn’t claim it on her form and it came through. If the U.S. would just let more Cadbury & Nestle chocolate through, it would be a better place. Hee hee!

We did take the trip to Goodwill and I was so relieved to get those bags out of the house. We also got rid of an old chair. They have a pretty good system set up there, you drive up, you drop off, and they give you a tax receipt if you want one.

I have a confession to make, and I feel no shame about this. I wore my Christmas socks two weeks ago, and I even listened to some Christmas songs a few weeks before that. It’s taking a lot to stop me from wanting to dig out the decorations. I’ve just been in a holly jolly mood. It’s only 80 days to Christmas, and when I told my mom, she said she didn’t want to hear that, it’s too soon. She wanted it in hours, so Mom right now it’s 1935 hours away. Geoff and I have decided that Christmas 2005 will be here in Denver. Mind you it will be a family of 4 then, the two of us, Honey & Peanut. It’s exciting to think about.

I’m trying to talk Geoff into a trip to DisneyWorld for 2007. It will be our 10 year anniversary, and the baby will be 2. That’s how old Dylan was when we took him, and he had fun. He still remembers a lot of that trip. I guess I should get a job so we can start saving for that. 🙂

I’m gonna close with a quote from The Net:

Angela : So, what’s this for?

[showing Jack his gun]

Jack : It’s uh… it’s for shark fishing.

Angela : Shark fishing… with a silencer?

Jack : Yeah. You certainly seem to know your ordinance.

Angela : Colorado. You grow up with guns.

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