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Touching Evil has been cancelled. I’m totally bummed, and mad that I never taped the show, so I can’t even have my reruns. I don’t really know what USA was thinking, but apparently it feels that airing constant repeats of Law & Order and Walker Texas Ranger are good programming. If they didn’t have Monk, I’d toss them like I did the WB. Bruce Willis is allegedly talking to FX about picking up the show, but I’ll count on that like me winning the lottery without a ticket. I won’t even bother getting excited about a possible DVD, that won’t happen. I’m gonna sulk for a few days, then I’ll try to move on. It was just getting better with each episode.

I’ve tried to tune into the olympics, but they don’t really show the events of interest to me. I mean I could watch volleyball, or basketball anytime. I really only like the track, the swimming, and the men’s gymnastics. Give me sports that require real strength. I mean come on, can you do a routine on the pommel horse?

Geoff is in Irvine, and I’m very bored. I just don’t feel much like watching movies, weird I know. I did order some 5×7 photos from our Scotland trip, so I may take a trip up to the scrapbook store tomorrow to get some supplies.

I know there has been some concern for my health while Geoff is away, but I assure you all I am eating 3 meals a day. I am drinking my milk, eating my greens, and taking my vitamins. So please stop worrying about me. 🙂

So… Denver has bats. Yup, we saw some last week when we went out for ice cream. Now I don’t want to walk along the creek after dusk. I get that they are God’s creatures, and that they probably don’t want to do me harm. But I’d really rather that they stayed up in the air and not swoop. I just don’t want to have them come within a set distance of me. Irrational? Maybe, but I don’t like bats.

I don’t remember if I mentioned it, but I got an email about our 10 year high school reunion. Geoff says he’d rather have shards of glass shoved under his fingernails than go. I am keen on going, pending that people I like will be there. It won’t happen unless it happens to coincide with our visit to Edmonton next spring/summer. But there are people I’d like to see. Who? Um, I dunno. Maybe Melinda. Haven’t spoken to her since we got engaged. But Jason & James for sure. actually if they combined the 1994 class with the 1995 class that would be awesome. I had such fun catching up with everyone at Doug’s wedding.

I guess I’ll sign off. I’ll close with a quote from Touching Evil in remembrance.

David Creegan: I was clinically insane for a while there, but I’m alright now, near enough. Hey, can I have your goldfish?

Susan Branca: What do you mean “near enough”?

David Creegan: I lost a big chunk of my brain, the doctors say, “Hey, weird.” These aren’t goldfish, they’re whales.

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