Heffron Won?

John Heffron won on Last Comic Standing. To say I was surprised was an understatement. I love Heffron, but I really thought that Alonzo was going to take it. Heffron did a bit on Christmas wrapping paper rolls, and the things kids do with them, and it was a riot. Because I did that with Colin. He’s a funny guy, I was just surprised. I do think Alonzo will find success, most of the comics will, they got so much air time. I didn’t watch it, I tried to flip to it in the last minutes, but it was over. I read about it online. I did watch the finale for Joe Schmo 2, and that was hilarious.

Celebrity Poker Showdown championship game. I picked Dave Navarro to win, and he came in 2nd. But it was a very funny episode. So glad Jeff gordon did not win. A new tournament will kick off in the fall, and Dave Foley will be back as host.

We bought a new phone, a cordless one, as we need to get the phone out of the spare room/nursery. And the device that will allow us to use our cable line as the phone line. So Geoff is giddy to have gadgets/toys to set up before he goes on his trip. We only use the phone to call Canada, we use our cells to call our pals in California. The UPS guy has been here two days in a row bringing us the packages. I like my UPS guy, he’s very friendly. (I hate Fed-Ex, don’t use them!) He told me he loves delivering to us because I’m always home. We try to plan our packages that way, so that someone is home. I gave him a cookie since I just pulled them out of the oven.

Yay, I baked chocolate chip cookies today, in honor of the passing of Julia Child. They turned out okay. They’ll turn out better next time. But I wanted Geoff to have a snack for his trip.

Geoff posted on the baby blog about his feelings about becoming a dad.

I’m gonna close with a quote from Hiding Out.

Andrew Morenski: Do you ever ask yourself “How did I get here?”

Patrick Morenski: Yeah, I used to, but now I just ask myself “How do I get out?”

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