Summer’s Nearly Over

I can hardly believe that it’s August, and that we have only a few weeks left of summer. I don’t feel like I did much this summer, but it’s been so hot, that I don’t really care. My grandparents spend the summer out at the lake, but they are now home. The farm doesn’t harvest itself. But it sounds like they had a blast. I encouraged Grandma by telling her we are planning on a visit to Edmonton next summer. Which seems forever away.

Jeff is working on developing a position at the museum for me. It will be very, very few hours, so I may supplement it with another job. I’m so picky about what I want to work, but I think there is something out there for me.

I’ve been busy reading, and watching tv. Tonight is the finale for Joe Schmo 2, and Last Comic Standing. Who do I think will win LCS? Alonzo. He’s consistently funny. Which will I watch since they both air at the same time? Probably a little of both. Or maybe neither. We have 2 DVDs from the library to tackle before Geoff leaves on Saturday. Speaking of…Mona Lisa Smile was alright. When I told Geoff it was like Dead Poet’s Society for chicks, he said “and Dead Poet’s Society wasn’t for chicks?” 🙂 Fair enough.

The coolest thing I got out of the library, that I’ve been waiting for months to come in Like Omigod! A 7 disc 80’s mix. (big grin) Geoff rolled his eyes. It has some really classic stuff on it.

Ben Affleck was on Bill O’Reilly the other night. And I just love Ben. Even being a supporter of Kerry, he had intelligent things to say, and never resorted to mudslinging, as other celebrities are prone to do. So happy he dumped Jennifer Lopez. He deserved someone who takes marriage seriously.

I guess that’s all I have to say. I will post the last day of our trip in the next day or so. It’s a funny story, so please be patient.

I’ll close with a quote from Dead Poet’s Society.

John Keating: Phone call from God… Now if it had been collect, it would have been daring!

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