Some Kind Of Day

Man, I am having some kind of day. I woke up early, which isn’t much of a problem, as I felt totally rested. But it has made the day feel like forever. I walked to the library to pick up Kids In The Hall Season One (guess what we’ll be doing this weekend). On the walk back, I was looking at all the houses for sale, there are quite a few. It made me think of when Geoff and I will get to buy our first house, and will it be a new house or an older house. Then I thought of how my dad never got to move into the house he & Debbie bought. I got a little teary, as I knew the house meant a lot to my dad. I got home and I got an email from Dawn. It was filled with a lot of info, advice, and love. I miss Dawn, Colin & Dylan. I miss not being to see them often. Same with my mom. My mom is working on finding an affordable flight here, and you’d think it wouldn’t be so hard. Denver is a very accessible city. Flying is so expensive, but it’s the fastest way to get anywhere. I dream of the day when flying won’t cost so much. Will never happen, I know.

So… the Mormons came to the door. I was on the phone with my mom, so I tried to hurry them away. When we lived in Irvine, the Mormons came to our door. I was home alone, and I had nothing else going on, so I let them have it. I told them what I thought of the Book Of Mormon, how they are a contradictory group of people, and that I was very happy being a Christ-follower. Today they got the condensed version. I go to a church, I’m a Christian, I read the Bible, I have issues with Mormonism that I don’t have time to get into with you because I’m on the phone long distance. “Can we come back at a better time?” “No.” If you are going to preach something, be consistent. Why would I want to be a mormon? Ooh, please, when I die, can I give birth to spirit babies? Uh, thanks. I’ll take eternal life with Jesus thank you very much.

Chris sent me an article from CBC about Michael Moore that totally brightened my day.

Celebrity Poker Showdown. Last week, Dave Navarro won. I had predicted it to be Richard Kind, who was the runner-up. It was a very exciting game. Last night, Jeff Gordon won. (pause for puzzlement) Yeah, I was surprised too. He wouldn’t have been my pick. Next week’s match, I’ll have to pick either Jason Bateman (Hogan Family! Come on!) or David Cross. I won’t be able to see it, or tape it, so I’ll have to catch it in a rerun.

It’s raining here, and I’m thrilled. It’s been hot hot hot all week, so this is a great change of pace. Did I mention we’re scheduled for rain all week in Glasgow while we’re there? 🙂 I had a great jacket for rain, but it got lost with our luggage 4 years ago. I loved that jacket. Mountain Equipment Coop. It was purple. I may have a picture of it somewhere. Geoff did buy me a jacket to replace it a few years back, but it’s fleece, which isn’t so good for rain. But I love it. It’s blue.

I submitted updated info on Geoff to the UofA Alumni magazine New Trail. Diane emailed me last week to tell me it was in the latest edition. We got our copy the other day. Hey, it’s a wife’s right to brag about her husband’s accomplishments.

We went to the Bull & Bush twice this week. Sunday was just the two of us, and last night it was out with a student visiting from Michigan. He was a lot of fun to hang out with. He shares a love of MST3K, Civilization, and the visual of scientists breaking out into a fight. Geoff talked him into going to the ENC. Next year it’s in Providence, RI, and I’m hopefully going to go. We’ll see how money is. I’m anxious to go in 2 years when it’s back to Monterey, CA.

I’ll close with a quote from MST3K.

Tom Servo: [upon seeing the credit “Brian Hamill – Still Photographer”] I’m glad Brian Hamill’s still a photographer. I was afraid he’d be laid off.

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