I was thinking today, about when I was in the twelfth grade, my friend Dani asked me to be in a play she was directing. I agreed to it, though it was big role. The play was called A Taste of Honey (I still have my script). My character was Jo, and the other actors were friends Maria (she played my mother), Dave (my mother’s boyfriend), and Adam as my gay best friend. Adam also had to play my boyfriend who leaves me when I get pregnant. I haven’t seen any of these people (save for Dani) since high school. Funny, now I hardly remember the last names (& sometimes the first names) of the “friends” I had when I was younger. Did I make such an impact on people too? What I find so weird, is the older I get the more shy I get. In elementary school, I was always signing up for school plays, and in junior high, I stuck with drama and joined the theatre sports club. In high school, I started to shy away, though I did have a small role in A Midsummer’s Night Dream. Then I moved into doing the tech stuff, sound & lights. Then Dani’s play. We never got to the performance stage. There wasn’t enough time. Two years ago, Geoff & I participated in the church’s Gong Show. We re-enacted a scene from the Princess Bride (Battle of the Wits).

Where am I going with this? Someone at our church asked us to consider joining the drama team. They do skits during service once in a while. I’m hesitant, and I don’t know why I’d be so afraid to branch out into that again. I’m just more self conscience than I used to be. Huh. I don’t know.

The other point, I guess it’s weird to me that I had so many friends growing up, and I hardly remember half of them. I guess the really good friends, are the ones I still talk to. But I don’t miss high school. I wasn’t a very good student, I spent most of it chasing boys, playing cards, and ditching. I do miss some of the friends I had, and I have some good memories, but I wouldn’t go through it again. I do want to go to my 10 year reunion in a few years, but Geoff won’t. They may not even have one, as I’ve heard they haven’t had one for the last few years. Maybe once it rolls around, I’ll contact the ones I want to see, and we’ll meet for dinner.

I think this may have stemed from watching Never Been Kissed last night on tv. But it’s a cute movie, so I had to watch it.

End quote, That Thing You Do!

Mr. White: It is very important that you don’t stink today.

Lenny: Hey, I make no guarantees.

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