Typical Weekend

Okay, so I said I’d write if the recipe was a success. It was. We made fudge. For dinner tonight, we had ribs, made with the top secret Armstrong bbq sauce. Even I am not privy to it. 🙂 It was a nice change of pace for us, and we got them for a great price at Safeway.

Work was good. We have a very busy week ahead, as our dept isn’t open Friday-Monday due to the Fourth of July. So I’ll have to work Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. I may trade my Monday afternoon for the Thursday, as I don’t think I get overtime, and Monday afternoon is my least favorite shift.

Our church moves to a summer schedule tomorrow, only one service instead of two. So we’ll get to sleep in. And the best news, Geoff made cinnamon buns for breakfast tomorrow. Yes, I do know how lucky I am. 🙂

I look forward to hearing about who will win the Canadian Federal election on Monday. We never sent in our information to allow us to vote. It’s fine, we don’t live there, we shouldn’t have a say in it. But all my Canuck friends, you had better vote. I don’t really care for whom, just vote!

We’re in for a week of rain. Joy! If it clears up next weekend, we’ll go hiking.

I’ll close with a quote from Last Action Hero. A movie that is pretty darn funny, and doesn’t get enough credit.

Danny Madigan: You think you are funny, don’t you?

Jack Slater: I know I am. I’m the famous comedian Arnold Braunschweiger.

Danny Madigan: Schwarzenegger!

Jack Slater: Gesundheit.

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