CBC & Me

One of the things I miss about living in Canada is watching the CBC. I really miss Canadian humour. I don’t know if Canada is still putting out great shows on the CBC, I’m sure they are. I guess The Daily Show With Jon Stewart is my replacement for This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

I posted about a crush I had on Jonathan Torrens, and he found the post. Geoff says this is expected as my blog is public. Well, he (Jonathan) has been staying busy in television and movies, so says tvtome.com. I actually tuned into a show I would never ever watch (The Joe Schmo Show) because he had been cast. I could only stand about 10 minutes of this show, and I couldn’t watch anymore. But I do hope this american appearance helps his career. He looks the same as I remembered him. 🙂

Tonight is Celebrity Poker Showdown. Whoo-hoo! It inspired us last week to play a few games of Texas Hold-em with the laundry money. I won. 🙂 I wouldn’t back down whenever Geoff would raise. Show no fear! I would never play poker in Vegas, but with friends it’s okay.

Saturday Jeff is leading the Collections Dept. on an insect hunt. Obviously I’m not going, so I’ll be in charge on Saturday while he’s gone. I teased him that I was going to bring a deck of cards to work, and he assured me he’d leave plenty of work to do. Sometimes he doesn’t always pick up on my humor. I miss Rod. Rod gets me. He & Diana are currently in Ireland. I’m not sure where they go next, but once they get stateside again, they’ll spend some time in PA visiting his family. Geoff hopes on his visit to Irvine in August that he & Rod can hit the shooting range.

I’m listening to George Michael (Waiting For That Day) this morning, inspired by seeing his new video this morning. Geoff nearly spit his tea out holding in his laughter. He says George looks exactly like Wham! George Michael but with stubble. I don’t know about that, but he doesn’t appear to change his look much. I don’t know, the new song didn’t seem so great, but it may grow on me.

I played a little with iLife, but I have yet to try Garage Band. I dunno, I’m not a musician, I just sing. It may be fun to just play around with though.

I spent 90 minutes on the phone last night with Colin & Dawn. I am amazed by how little Colin remembers, and how much I do. We were discussing all the places we lived, how long we were there, and how old we were at that time. He couldn’t believe how long Dad lived in Burnewood (433 Kirkpatrick Cresent). Colin also credits Dad in Tampa Bay winning the Stanley Cup. I’d be lying if I said that thought hadn’t crossed my mind. He shared some words I really wanted to hear, he’s such a good brother. I wish I could see him, Dawn & Dylan more often, but our family understands why we live in the U.S.

Tuesday night, I made a very yummy treat.

FUDGEY PEANUT BUTTER CHIP MUFFINS I did make one alteration, I used peanut butter & milk chocolate chips (they come in one bag). But they looked just like the picture, and served warm, they were divine. Mmmm. They didn’t last long. But since it was a breeze to make, I’ll definitely try it again. I’m becoming quite the Gale Gand.

I guess I’ll sign off. I’m closing with a quote from L.A. Story.

Harris: Ordinarily, I don’t like to be around interesting people because it means I have to be interesting too.

Sara: Are you saying I’m interesting?

Harris: All I’m saying is that, when I’m around you, I find myself showing off, which is the idiot’s version of being interesting.

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