Keepin’ Up With The Armstrongs

Apparently, people are saddened when I don’t post, so I guess I better be more diligent.

This week, I watched The Net (good), and Legally Blonde 2 (cute). On tv, we watched Touching Evil, which has it’s season finale next week. I really hope USA Network picks it up for a second season. We also watched Celebrity Poker Showdown, and I’m learning a lot. We got the lingo down, and we can see the players tells pretty obviously. They already have the list of celebrities signed on to play in the next tournament (July). All this can be found on Bravo’s website.

Darcy from KUCI posted to the list a link to a band she played on her show. They do a bluegrass medley of Radiohead songs, called Rodeohead. Very entertaining for Radiohead fans.

I’m hoping to tackle making muffins this weekend. Not real muffins, cake muffins. I am working the museum Saturday morning. Jeff will be there, to show me what Saturdays are like, but eventually I will be there alone. Not alone, but I’ll be the one in charge.

To celebrate my first day as Assistant Collections Manager, Geoff bought me a David and Goliath (it’s a brand) shirt. Some of their stuff is cute, some of it is offensive. My shirt is cool. I’ll try to get around to taking a picture of it. Also, Geoff made Boromir burgers for dinner. Mmmm, tasty.

For those of you who keep asking, I go that appointment scheduled for Tuesday morning. So you’ll likely receive an email Tuesday afternoon. I meet with the doctor on Wednesday to discuss the next step. It will be nice just to have some answers.

The weather here has been odd, I guess I’m not used to it. It was hot Monday & Tuesday, then warm & rainy on Wednesday. Yesterday the weather was perfect. Not too hot and a little breezy. Tuesday night we watched the lightning storm, but we didn’t get much (or any) rain. The next week should be more of the same.

Geoff booked our tickets to Glasgow. The trip won’t be as long as I thought it might be. We both have jobs to get back to. It just means we’ll have to go again. 🙂 No London this trip, but I think we will get to do Glasgow & Edinburgh exhaustively. Which is fine by me. I hope we get to hang with the locals. We thought originally we’d stay at a B&B, but I think we may stay at a hotel. It’s 40 days until Scotland, I started my countdown clock. I hope to buy some Christmas gifts there. The problem with shopping for certain family members, is they shop for themselves all the way into December. That’s hardly fair! I generally have an idea of what I’d want for Christmas, but wouldn’t buy for myself. I can hold off until then. Everyone should have this kind of restraint. 🙂

Today is Laurel’s birthday, she turns 5. She is so much like Lisa, and Lisa knows it. 😉 Next Friday is Brooke’s birthday. Lisa is throwing them a joint birthday party, Scooby-Doo theme. Weeks ago, I saw a bumper sticker that said “What Would Scooby Doo?” I almost laughed out loud, but I was on the bus.

I’ll close now with a great quote from Touching Evil. Do they show TE in Canada?

Susan: So, where were you? What are you, moonlighting now?

David: Yeah, I’m an exotic dancer! G-man by day, G-string by night.

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