In Mourning

I’m all sad today, with the series finale of Angel (which was amazing!!!), and the Flames advancing to the Stanley Cup Finals. 🙁

I watched the movie Se7en today. I’d never seen it, and how do I put this? I wouldn’t go so far as to say I liked it. It was gripping, it was horrifying, but I had to know how it ended. I didn’t hate it, but I don’t know if I would watch it again. I feel like I should watch something cheery now, like Red Dwarf.

I’m half packed for the trip. I have accomplished most of the last minute jobs. Made another lunch date, with my friend Sara. I hope to get in a lunch or dinner with Erik, he’s a hoot. And I’ll have to buy a wedding gift sometime next week. Money permitting, I hope to talk Geoff into treating me to a pedicure. 🙂

We finished our puzzle. I suspected we would finish before we left on the trip. I still have not made any mix cds for the drive. I’ll have to get on that.

We finally saw Matrix Revolutions. It was pretty good. Better than Reloaded, but not better than the original. It was nice to know how the trilogy ended.

I’ll try to blog while in California. I will certainly be checking my email.

I’m closing with a quote from Much Ado About Nothing.

Beatrice: Against my will, I am sent to bid you come into dinner.

Benedick: Fair Beatrice, thank you for your pains.

Beatrice: I took no more pains for those thanks than you take pains to thank me. If it had been painful, I would not have come.

Benedick: You take pleasure then in the message?

Beatrice: Yea, just so much as you may take upon a knife’s point. You have no stomach, signor? Fare you well.

Benedick: Ha. “Against my will I am sent to bid you come into dinner.” There’s a double meaning in that.

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