My Problem With Catholicism

I am a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ. I believe the Apostle’s Creed. But I have a beef with Catholicism. Don’t get me wrong, I know great Catholics, and I know a lot of twice-a-year Catholics/Christians. The kind who go to church twice a year, Christmas & Easter. The ones who like the rituals. but who are not about having a relationship with the Living God.

What brought this on? This article in the Denver Post where a Bishop has decided that if you support John Kerry or any candidate who supports issues the Catholic Church is against, you don’t get to take Communion.

“In a pastoral letter making waves nationally, Colorado Springs Bishop Michael Sheridan this month declared that Catholics who vote for candidates who support abortion rights, euthanasia, “illicit” stem- cell research or gay marriage cannot receive Communion until they recant and repent in the confession booth.

It continues later on to say “Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput last month suggested Catholic politicians whose positions conflict with church teachings against abortion aren’t really Catholic, and urged voters to hold them accountable.”

Here’s the thing, before you take Communion, you have to set your heart right with God. You cleanse yourself and repent any sins you have. Now I talk right to God, I don’t go through anybody, I don’t think you have to. When Christ died on the cross, the curtain that separated man from God in the temple was two in two, broken like the body of Jesus, as a sign that we can go to God ourselves. Now these people want to have their congregation answer which political party they support before they take Communion? That’s ridiculous. The truth is God is the only who knows your heart (Christian or not). If your taking part in Communion with wrong intentions, He’s gonna know. Should John Kerry be denied Communion? The bible calls me not to judge. Should John Kerry be proclaiming he’s Catholic, while supporting abortion? Probably not. Are Christians & Catholics called to be accountable to one another? Absolutely.

No one is perfect, no one is sinless. I pray that Mr. Kerry gets himself right with God, if he is indeed a Catholic. I pray for President Bush to seek God’s will on all the decisions he makes.

It just bugs me when we get caught up in being legalistic, and forget it’s about a personal relationship with Christ. It may seem cheesy, but you have to ask yourself WWJD?

I’m closing with my favorite quote from Futurama.

Fry: So what’s the deal? You guys don’t believe in Robot Jesus?

Jewish Robot #2: We believe he was built and that he was a very well programmed robot but he wasn’t our Messiah.

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