Keeping Myself Amused

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.

We did all our grocery shopping on Friday night, so it left Saturday completely open. We drove to Washington Park, and walked around the lake, then around the whole park. There were a lot of ducks (it was better than the last duck incident Mom. None of them tried to attack me), and tons of beautiful homes, some were even for sale. We figured we walked about 3 miles. Then a lazy afternoon of sitting. Geoff voted to watch Return To Me last night. It has some very funny moments in it.

Skipped church this morning. Frankly, I just didn’t want to be somewhere where the focus is children or people who are expecting them. I get enough of it every week anyways. Regular Sunday stuff, we cleaned the house. I watched While You Were Sleeping, cause I was in the mood for a romantic comedy, and I love Sandra Bullock & Bill Pullman. Geoff even sat and watched a bit of it, making sure to reference other movies the actors had been in. 🙂

Jeff is going to NY this week, so he’ll be at the museum on Monday but not Wednesday. I really hope Marty & Jen will be there on Wednesday, because it isn’t the same without them. Last week, I had seniority, and they were all nervous when I was late. I tried to assure Tracey and Erik that they’ve been there long enough (2 months), and that they should be more confident of their talents. I think Tracey felt better about it in the end, but I’m not sure about Erik. He’s the most talkative guy I’ve ever met, and he’s super friendly so he makes it a fun environment. When Geoff met Rich & Jeff at the picnic, he said he pictured them differently. He pictured Jeff to be more like Rich, and vice versa.

The weather is still really really hot, and we are suppose to get a reprieve on Wednesday. I’d love it if it could rain at night, cooling everything off.

I started to read Out Of The Silent Planet (C.S. Lewis), which I bought Geoff for his birthday. It’s a space trilogy, and he’s on book two. We bought books two & three a few weeks ago. It’s moving pretty fast, and it’s really good. I am curious where it is going to go.

My friends Rod & Diana Longenberger are on a cruise right now. They left April 15, and they don’t get back until July. Rod is sending me emails & pictures every other day. It sounds amazing. I’ll try to put up a picture. The last email I got they were in Tuscany, and the day before I think it was Corsica. Rod & Diana are retired from the IRS, so they get to travel a lot. Rod hopes to come visit in November, and we decided we’d check out The Fort, which serves beef, buffalo, and other game. Rod’s been there before, he says it’s pretty good. I dunno, the thought of eating buffalo…

We bought a puzzle today. We thought it might be something fun we could do that would allow us to sit under the ceiling fan on hot evenings. It is a picture of Yosemite. Ah, I’ve missed doing puzzles.

No big plans for this week. I’m emailing my west coast friends to let them know what dates I’ll be in town. I may try to get together with my friend Shannon. I don’t know if I’ll drive out there, I may vote for meeting in town.

I’ll close with a quote from While You Were Sleeping.

Jack: You suck!

Peter: I suck, or the outfit sucks?

Jack: It’s a toss-up.

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